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We Are Prepared

No matter how prepared you think you are for your project, it is always best to have a "Plan B".

For most pavement owners, replacement of a parking lot is a long term, one time budget item that is expected to last many years.

We will walk your pavement with you and itemize suspect areas that may need base repair prior to other improvements. We will bring equipment to your location as needed to "proof roll" your parking lot, or excavate a few test areas to help determine existing average thinkness before starting, so that you can anticipate any variables, and properly budget for a project.

Pavement Management, Inc. customers expect great long term results, and that starts with a proper scope of work including evaluation of sub-grade and drainage conditions.

In some cases, "Plan B" is to complete base repairs this year and budget for the overlay next year. We will keep you informed during construction. We schedule our work every week, Monday through Saturday for customer convenience. We work almost exclusively on commercial sites and know how important it is to minimize disruption to your business so that your customers and employees can keep operations running smoothly.


"from the first time you meet with Pavement Management as well as on the job and after it...they do as they promise and make no excuses while providing great work...thanks"

-Industrial Management Co